I work along side ADvolution and stepped in to re-design the site, sort out marketing and help with customer designs.

Advolution offers a unique proposition for those who wish to use direct marketing techniques by advertising on local takeaway lids. It’s an elegant solution to get your business in front of people, in their homes at a receptive time. A very clever idea.

SLM Connect approached me with the idea of a sympathetic re-brand of their old and dated site.

SLM specialise in call-centre operations so their core messaging had to be based on clear communication and the simplification of that. The site was cut to half it’s original size, getting rid of all unnecessary communications. A simple mantra was introduced, “If it takes more than a minute to read, it probably won’t be read”. Icons where also introduced into the site to simplify its messaging.

Insure my pocket was a bespoke marketing build and front end design for a phone and tablet insurance broker.

The main question with this brief was “how do you compete with established insurance brands in the market?”

The solution was to create a brand identity that instilled security and integrity, your knight in shining armour.

Based around this character driven brand we where able to add more meaning to the site and documentation, allowing Insure my Pocket a more competitive edge that set itself apart from more stock driven sites on launch.

Free the Geek was a social media branding project for Twitter.

The objective was to create a new brand to promote a podcast about building a rewarding career as a professional software developer and technical writer. The idea was to hook into popular cultural imagery based around IT and the stereotype of being a geek. The other over-riding message we felt necessary to produce was the feeling of a cosy fireside chat, an environment where you could grab a coffee, sit back, listen and free your inner geek.

Every episode, Matthew Setter is joined by a guest to discuss being a freelancer, writing technical documentation, creating great software, and podcasting.

I started as the designer for Tute from the very start in September 2011, Tute has since developed from a tiny start up to a company which employs over 50 members of staff and boasts an impressive client base of over 400 schools.

Tute has recently extended to brand to the Asia markets with Tute Online and has just been voted one of the top 25 most innovative companies within digital education and is a BETT awards winner 2017.

My role with Tute has covered the original branding concepts, logo design, Marketing site design and build, large print exhibition displays as well as print and social media.

Tute’s most recent site is based on our core products for 2017 based on six ways to innovate my budget.

WWOS or West Wales Online School is a dual language portal site, designed as an entry point to Tute services for schools in West Wales.

The objective of this site was to design a clean template to replicate across local authorities and give access to information and links to Tute services. This included comprehensive guides and trouble shooting pages as well as direct access to the Tute Learning Cloud.

These sites where used in conjunction with email marketing campaigns to introduce new schools to Tutes available products, giving targeted local authorities bespoke, easy access.

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