Computer Game Dev

I’ve worked on many projects from initial concept to completion, asset design, UX and marketing.

I specialise in 2D game design, from initial concept, developing character designs, backgrounds and assets as well as experience in developing the game mechanics and UX as a whole. As with my other projects, I primarily work in vector allowing for scale-able imagery for the latest 2d game engines.

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Latest Work

I was approached by Loud New Media to develop a new company sub-brand and game.

Loud New Media specialise in marketing and where looking to develop their marketing strategies into game design.

The brief was to develop a new company brand “Red Frog Games” as well as developing the whole game concept, UX and in game graphics. The game itself is based on a trolley dash concept where the player picks up shopping, power-ups to extend time and basket size while dodging a series of obstacles.

Fully prepared Assets, animated and ready to go.

Board Game Dev

Board game projects had more successfully funded projects than computer games on KickStarter in 2017

Board games have developed into a massive market over the last few years. I can help with game development, design and illustration.

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