Illustrative branding

Illustrative branding has been a specialist area of mine for twenty years.

I specialise in visualising concepts, developing ideas around the product and target audience.

Illustration offers a unique brand experience, a strong identity that’s easily recogniseable, usually giving you that all important head-start in already competetive markets. I’ve managed to develop multiple styles over the years as well as being able to gleam ideas and mimic other styles if you have something specific in mind.

Whether you know exactly what it is you require or need some help developing your ideas, I can take your brand experience from concept to completion.

Large Scale Print

I specialises in vector illustrations which you can scale to any size, allowing for some pretty special projects.

Here’s an example of my work for CloudThing who came to me with the brief of creating a series of 80’s and retro murals for their office. Needless to say, they have a very cool office space now.

To find out more about Mural designs, get in touch…

Projects in profile

I was approached after some of my illustration work was seen on twitter by Dwain MacDonald, CEO of DPD. (Never underestimate the power of social media!)

The brief was to create a series of contemporary, bespoke artworks for DPD’s new head office which was having a re-brand. The artwork needed to portray the community feel that DPD hold dear, it also needed to show the diversity of the delivery service, from inner city deliveries to the most rural of areas.

What started as a relatively small project ended up as twelve commissioned pieces as enthusiasm for each new piece of work grew. A fantastic project working with great people and a great company.

We reached out to Tris with the brief of designing bespoke artwork for our new head office, what we received was a series of highly detailed, branded artwork that far exceeded our expectations.

Tim Jones
Director of Marketing at Geopost UK – ‎DPDgroup

A children’s book with Dom Joly

It’s not every day that a comedian and writer like Dom Joly announces he’s an idea for a children’s book.

Dom and I decided to collaborate on a book based around a bear called Alan, a lovable character who causes havoc with the local town when he beds down for the winter. What happens next is a wild story about the local townspeople’s attempts to quieten a very large and sleepy bear.

This project has unfortunately been stalled due to commitments on both sides, I’ve added it because it’s something I’m hugely proud of and I hope the quality of the illustrations speak for themselves.

Tris and I worked together on an idea for a children’s book. His illustrations were and are a thing of beauty. He manages to convey both humour and emotion in the same frame. He also has a fabulous attention to detail making his work worth revisiting time after time.

Dom Joly
Comedian, Writer, Journalist

Richard E Grant portrait

I specialise in hyper realistic vector art which consists on 100’s of thousands of hand drawn shapes, making this and other portraits I’ve created some of the most detailed and complex vector art in the world. This particular portrait was commissioned by the great actor, Richard E Grant.

Vector art allows me to scale these pictures to extreme sizes without loss of quality, The illusion is also quite striking, from one side of the room, these portraits can be photo-realistic. As you get within a few inches of them, you can see the 1000’s of tiny shapes that make it up. Think of it as paint-by-numbers extreme, not only do you have to colour every shape but you also have to draw every shape too.

Tris’ to-the-freckle accurate painting will be my Dorian Grey portrait, whilst I get old, grey and grizzly in the attic.

Richard E Grant

Richard’s portrait was created in vector, a process taking 100’s of hours creating over half a million points.

This was a personal project with my own brief, born out of my love of the classic movie posters which punctuated my childhood in the 1980’s.

To help with this, I managed to make contact with Drew Struzan, an artist you may not have heard of but I can guarantee, almost everyone has seen and been dazzled by his work. He’s responsible for all the great move posters in the 80’s and 90’s. The Thing, Starwars, Indiana Jones, The Goonies, Bladerunner, Back to the future, …. You get the idea, he’s the Jedi Master of his trade.

Drew was kind enough to mentor me through the process and critique the piece as it developed. Something I will be forever grateful for.

Puffin Tales represents one of my part-time works, this is one of the things I concentrate on in my down-time between projects.

I’ve three children who always ask me to illustrate stuff, this was a way to consolidate that, its great fun and keeping continuity and quality through 26 pages is a challenge. I’m also a big child myself so this is right up my street!

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