I’m Tris, a multi-disciplined digital creative based in Sale, Manchester. I have a passion for design, web, illustration and all things digital.

I specialise in the intelligent use of illustration to bring your branding and message an originality and uniqueness that allows your company and product to stand out.

With 20 years of experience in the design and illustration industry and a reputation as a progressive thinker and problem solver, my aim is to help my clients with that knowledge, giving them a unique brand experience.


Latest work

Everyone has a little down-time and I like to spend mine developing some special illustrations.

I’ve spent the last month doing exactly that, they are all hand drawn vector, some of my more detailed work.

Prints are available soon, get in touch for further details.

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Commercial Illustration

Web Design and Branding

Skills and Testimonials

I’ve developed a diverse range of digital skills over the last 20 years allowing me to cover almost all areas in the digital market.

The range and diversity of my skill-set is something I constantly endeavor to improve on. Broadening my skills allows me to remove any obstacles that may get in the way of my creativity and what I desire the end results to be.

What my clients have to say

We reached out to Tris with the brief of designing bespoke artwork for our new head office, what we received was a series of highly detailed, branded artwork that far exceeded our expectations.

Tim JonesDirector of Marketing at Geopost UK - ‎DPDgroup

Tris and I worked together on an idea for a children’s book. His illustrations were and are a thing of beauty. He manages to convey both humour and emotion in the same frame. He also has a fabulous attention to detail making his work worth revisiting time after time.

Dom JolyComedian, Writer, Journalist
Tris has the ability to step into the breach at a moments notice and deliver exceptional quality on tight deadlines. This ability to turn things around quickly while maintaining such high standards of content has helped us no end.
Stuart Joce CEO Fonehouse

Tris’s to-the-freckle accurate painting will be my Dorian Grey portrait, whilst I get old, grey and grizzly in the attic.

Richard E GrantActor

A truly integrated designer with a grasp of web design, UI, social networks and traditional marketing. For Tute this has meant striking, compelling and effective Marcomms at all touch points with our users, and consistent delivery of our brand.

Sean GardnerCEO, Tute Education limited

I was amazed by the detail and subtlety of my portrait, Tris obviously put a lot of work into it. I think it’s great but then I’m a shallow, narcissistic performer so no surprise there. However it is the reaction of others that gives support to the quality.

Robert LlewellynActor, Presenter

Ok, so I have to hand it to Tris, he succeeded where friends and colleagues failed and got me to change the mugshot profile pic.

Neil MannMultimedia Innovations Editor at The Wall Street Journal

Two things are certain, Tris Rossin is a genius and secondly I will be buying a copy and finding a space for it on my wall.

Peter CorbettEntertainer, television personality

Who I’ve worked with

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